For over a decade, Sagegreenlife has been the market leader in Green Wall technologies, design and installation. 

Based on its proprietary patented Biotile® technologies (U.S. patents US9226457B2, US9837003B2, and US 2020/0128761A1, and related global patents) Sagegreenlife has provided over 300 installations across multiple industries for premier customers and Fortune 500 companies.

In 2020, the company prematurely lost its visionary founder and leader Richard Kincaid. Following the passing of Richard, Sagegreenlife was restructured with all its proprietary technologies, patents, trademarks and know-how acquired by RKSage, LLC; an asset holding company and family office.

In 2021, RKSage entered into an exclusive license agreement with Smart Biotiles, Inc. to commercialize all Biotile® related technologies, extending the work started by Richard in 2010 and his vision of global Biophilic Design.

Today, Sagegreenlife no longer installs or maintains vertical walls or other office products. For Biotile® sales information, please contact sales@smartbiotiles.com

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