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Sagegreenlife walls are visually stunning, scalable, sustainable and make any space come to life. Integrating green walls improves air quality, increases productivity, helps reduce noise and enhances well being. We are committed to building a better quality of life with an array of living walls that allows us to achieve healthier and more vibrant indoor and outdoor environments.

Custom Built Living Walls

Custom Built-In Living Walls

Architectural design statements for interior and exterior spaces of all sizes

Distinct, completely custom architectural pieces that adapt to any size project. Modular design unleashes your creativity to transform nearly any wall or structural surface, including columns and curved surfaces, in interior or exterior environments.

VerdantaTM Collection

Precision-manufactured living walls and partitions

Finely crafted, completely self-contained living walls and partitions that are the perfect blend of form and function. Verdanta mobile partitions and relocatable walls bring beauty and utility everywhere and only need to be plugged in to bring your space to life.

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Media Walls

Living media walls become natural communications platforms that bring messaging to life. When combined with signage, digital displays or custom branding, these living walls leverage the natural attraction and affinity to nature, creating multi-sensory and memorable brand experiences.

our process

Sagegreenlife’s streamlined process makes it easy to go from consultation to final installation. Our in-house plant experts work with you to select plant types that work best for your space and your climate zone. Once the design is finalized, we collaborate with local nurseries to grow plants into our patented hydroponic technology. Set up is minimally disruptive and our green walls are installed fully grown creating instant impact.


patented technology

The BiotileTM, developed by U.K. – based Biotecture, Ltd., is the cornerstone of our patented hydroponic (soil-less) wall system. These modular tiles use a layered basalt rock fiber (known as rockwool) that evenly distributes water, oxygen and nutrients and does not decay or break down over time. They provide an ideal rooting and growing environment, resulting in stronger, healthier plants for lasting living walls.


integrated system

Our integrated system includes water distribution and management that allows the right amount of water to circulate evenly throughout the wall increasing plant survivability. Additionally, our living walls are composed of recyclable materials and require minimal maintenance, low energy and low water consumption. The variety in size and application of our integrated system for both indoor and outdoor use, combined with our years of experience, make our products the most reliable, versatile living wall solution available today.

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