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Sagegreenlife walls are visually stunning, scalable, sustainable and make any space come to life. Integrating green walls improves air quality, increases productivity, helps reduce noise and enhances well being. We are committed to building a better quality of life with an array of living walls that allows us to achieve healthier and more vibrant indoor and outdoor environments.

Custom Walls

Custom living walls provide the highest level of personalization. The flexibility of our system gives us the ability to wrap around corners, accommodate unique spaces and design a specific built-in wall for your project. These green living walls, which are irrigated directly to plumbing, are designed to be seamlessly integrated into an existing structure or into a new development.

Free-standing Walls

Free-standing walls are a practical option that is easily movable in any space. Built around a self-contained recirculating irrigation system that only needs to be connected to a standard electrical outlet, these vertical gardens can be placed anywhere without requiring any construction.

Media Walls

Living media walls become natural communications platforms that bring messaging to life. When combined with signage, digital displays or custom branding, these living walls leverage the natural attraction and affinity to nature, creating multi-sensory and memorable brand experiences.


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Asheville, NC

Client - Sierra Nevada
Industry - Commercial

Chicago, IL

Client - Lou Malnatis
Industry - Hospitality

Miami, FL

Client - Anonymous
Industry - Commercial

New York, NY

Client- Luxxotica
Industry- Corporate HQ

San Francisco, CA

Client - Technology
Industry - Retail

Chicago, IL

Client - Cornerstone Restaurant Group: Bely Q
Industry - Hospitality

Chicago, IL

Client- Advocate Illinois Masonic
Category- Healthcare

Elmhurst, IL

Client-McCaster Carr
Industry- Commercial

Madison, WI

Client - Wiscnet
Industry - Corporate HQ

Miami, FL

Client - SOBE Wine and Food Festival
Industry - Brand Marketing

Miami, FL

Client - Private Residence
Industry - Residential

Chicago, IL

Client- Habits at Work
Industry- Corporate

Chicago, IL

Client - Gollub
Industry - Property Management

Lancaster, PA

Client - Lancaster Hospital
Industry - Healthcare

Chicago, IL

Client - Private Bank
Industry - Commercial

Des Plaines, IL

Client - Corporate
Industry - Commercial

Chicago, IL

Client - LYFE Kitchen
Industry - Hospitality

Manhattan, NY

Client - Delta
Industry - Brand Identity

Chicago, IL

Client - Left Coast
Industry - Hospitality

Dallas, TX

Client - Tree House
Industry - Retail

Topanga, CA

Client - Saje Wellness
Industry - Hospitality



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