patent Biotile technology


The Biotile® is the cornerstone of the Sagegreenlife living wall system. These tiles use a layered rock fiber, Rockwool, that evenly distributes water, oxygen and nutrients. It does not decay, mold or break down over time providing an ideal rooting and growing environment. Rockwool has been used for the last half-century in hydroponic production greenhouses. Because it does not degrade, it can be reused and recycled. Rockwool is antimicrobial and doesn’t change size regardless of being wet or dry, hot or cold.


Sagegreenlife’s integrated irrigation is one of the most water-efficient systems in the industry. This system only delivers the exact amount of water the plants need, so there is little to no waste. Our irrigation drip lines are completely concealed within the living wall structure, leaving only the plant material visible.

IoT Technology

24/7 Remote Monitoring and Control
Living walls are monitored by Sagegreenlife in real-time to identify problems and alert maintenance teams to protect plant health. Operating over a secure, 4G cellular data network, Sagegreenlife’s advanced system of IoT sensors and programable irrigation controllers ensures optimal performance of our Custom walls.



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