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A 2019 study showed that urban dwellers can experience significantly increased life satisfaction, self-worth and happiness by living within 300 meters of green space.

Journal of Applied Geography


Explore a variety of projects to see what’s possible with living walls – from interior to exterior environments and freestanding to custom installations.


Discover the wide-reaching benefits of living walls from physical health and mental wellness to noise reduction and air purification.


View our proprietary patented Biotile technology. Designed as a reliable, easy-to-maintain system for any type of project.

Sagegreenlife is bringing livings walls to a growing market with new technologies that allow people to bring the outside inside.


Case Study: Tishman Speyer

Floor to ceiling custom wall in a corporate lounge.

Whitepaper: What is Biophilic Design?

Bringing people, cities and companies to life with plants.

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