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We integrate the benefits of nature into the built environment by designing living walls and interior decor products.

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3 Purple Plants that Pack a Visual Punch

Fans of plants in hues of lavender, fuchsia and plum have anthocyanins to thank for their purple-colored favorites. These water-soluble vacuolar pigments are responsible for the rich tones in blueberries, the vibrant reds in raspberries, and the deep, royal purples of eggplant skins, but show up in some of our go-to plant varietals as well. […]

Communing with Nature: Today’s Hottest (and Smartest) Office Trend

Most of us can agree that being outside, breathing fresh air and just being around greenery has an almost immediate effect on mood and our sense of well-being. It’s why we plan many of our vacations and recreation time around outdoor activities, take up gardening, keep houseplants, etc. And maybe that’s where we got our […]

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