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The Smartest Living Walls For Our PlanetSM

Beyond Living Walls

Since 2010, SageGreenLife® has globally transformed built environments into sustainable biophilic works of art enhancing the wellbeing of our planet and its people.

Today SageGreenLife® by SmartBiotiles™ is further enabling the commercial real estate sector to solve their sustainability and ESG challenges.

Sage SmartWalls™

The best living walls on the planet are now connected.

Sage SmartWalls™ utilize proprietary patented technologies and AI that provide CRE owners and operators with ESG compliance solutions that are Measurable, Actionable and Monetizable.

Sage SmartWall™ Benefits

Sage SmartWalls™ transform built environments into interconnected green zones that purify the air, remove CO2 and VOCs, reduce energy consumption, while improving occupant wellbeing.

Improve Wellbeing

SmartWalls™ provide data to measure space conditions and health factors.

Reduce Environmental Impact

SmartWalls™ reduce CO2, remove VOCs, and reduce energy used for heating and cooling.

Increase Building ROI

SmartWalls™ offer increased building value and occupancy, and lower TCO.

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