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We integrate the benefits of nature into the built environment by designing living walls and interior decor products.

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Now Trending: Employee Wellness Tips for the Modern Workplace

In a perfect world, concern for employee wellness would be perennially status quo. And while it’s true that some companies have been offering paid sick leaves, gym memberships and healthy cafeteria options for decades, never before have we seen so much attention paid to both the physical and mental fitness of employees. Although we’d like […]

Living Green Walls: The Wallpaper of the Future

Since at least the 1950s, it seems our collective concept of the future has been one of sterile, monochromatic surfaces; unisex space uniforms; laser beams; walls full of screens, etc. But why? Is that what we’re hoping for? Do we want to be forced to take our to hovercrafts to specially designated areas just to […]

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