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Bespoke Turnkey Solutions

Each Sage SmartWall™ is custom designed, installed and maintained by us. We provide a turnkey solution for built environment owners, architects and designers. Each bespoke Sage SmartWall™ is a collaborative process to understand and meet our customer's sustainability and design objectives, and to deliver our solution with the and highest ROI and lowest long-term TCO.

The Sage SmartWall™ Platform

Sage SmartWalls™ are living green walls with patented technologies, combining nature with built environments. Our Sage SmartWalls™ integrate sensors and AI to measure and analyze over 100 ambient environmental factors, and provide actionable insights.


Our patented Biotile® hydroponic plant growing medium is the only system capable of withstanding extreme climates from Finland to Abu Dhabi. Our Biotiles® provide a healthy growing environment with the lowest plant replacement rates. The hydroponic system consumes 90% less water, reduces energy, and deadens sound.

Market tested in thousands of indoors and outdoors applications since 2010, it is the best living wall system on the planet.

WellWall™ App

Our proprietary patented WellWall™ technology captures, measures and analyzes over 100 data points.

Our WellWall™ mobile app lets you monitor and maintain your SmartWalls™ from anywhere to maintain a healthy wall and minimize maintenance costs.


SmartWall™ owners can add one of several optional SmartPacks™ subscriptions. Each SmartPack™ provides comprehensive solutions for climate, wellbeing, utilization, and media and advertising.

Choose SmartPacks™ to address your business needs and let us help you pave the way to a more sustainable future and ROI.

Global Reach

Our solution is available directly from us in multiple countries. Please contact sales@smartbiotiles.com to get started.

For standard Biotiles® living green walls in the UK, please contact our delivery partner biotecture.uk.com.

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