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About Us


SageGreenLife® by SmartBiotiles™ is a climate-tech company with a mission to revolutionize built environments through our innovative solutions. Our data rich SmartWalls™ are designed to address sustainability and ESG challenges in the commercial real estate industry, while also enhancing the aesthetic and environmental quality of indoor and outdoor spaces.


For over a decade, SageGreenLife® has been a market leader of living wall technologies, design, and installation. In 2020, the company faced a devastating loss with the passing of its visionary founder, Richard Kincaid. To preserve his legacy and expertise, all proprietary technologies, patents, trademarks, and know-how were acquired by RKSage, LLC, an asset holding company and family office.

Leveraging Technology

In 2022, RKSage, LLC entered into an exclusive license agreement with Smart Biotiles, Inc. to commercialize all US and global patented technologies (US patents US9226457B2, US9837003B2, and US 2020/0128761A1, and related global patents). This partnership has empowered SageGreenLife® by SmartBiotiles™ to leverage RKSage’s technologies and expertise, enabling us to develop and commercialize new sustainability solutions.


At SageGreenLife® by SmartBiotiles™, we are committed to transforming indoor and outdoor built environments for the wellbeing of people and the planet. Combining our deep roots in CRE and high tech, our team brings extensive knowledge of both sectors to redefine the purpose, impact and technologies of green living walls.